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Award-winning recording artist, composer and producer Lawrence Blatt's music has been called heartwarming, soothing, and relaxing; it consists of layers of guitar work decorated with luscious melodies and percussive moods. Blatt often plays his guitar in open tunings with a single instrument used to create the rhythm, bass and lead melody... all at once.

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“Last Light” is a true FLOW creation. I brought the idea of it to the group, and as we played and improvised, it got completely deconstructed. Actually, all of the new songs sound like us, but FLOW has evolved to the point where the next album will sound significantly different from our debut.” – Lawrence Blatt

About FLOW...

In 2016, Lawrence and friends Fiona Joy, Jeff Oster and Will Ackerman launched a new ensemble called FLOW and recorded an album of the same name at Imaginary Road Studios. It was released on Lawrence's own LMB Music label the same week that the group debuted live at Carnegie's Weill Hall. Since then, the album has charted on Billboard & won numerous awards including the ZMR Music Award's coveted Album of the Year. 

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Enjoy exploring Lawrence's unique style of guitar-based music compositions, select videos, and high-quality recordings. Evidence of Lawrence's globetrotting is also shared via his social media accounts...join him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 

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"The greatest compliment I can give any musician is that they sound uniquely like themselves;  that there is a unifying sound and feeling to their compositions and playing that could only come from them.   Lawrence Blatt is certainly a guitarist and composer in that rare group.    Graceful melodies and flowing grooves seem to come to him with ease. On Longitudes and Latitudes, he has established an impressive body of compositions that only seem to become more compelling emotionally and ever more accessible with time and maturity...

-- Will Ackerman, 2016