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Over 5 years in the making, Lawrence Blatt’s album Longitudes and Latitudes was produced by Will Ackerman and engineered by Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road studios. The album features Lawrence playing a myriad of acoustic and electric guitars from his collection (as well as synthesizer), accompanied by great musicians including Ackerman himself, Jeff Haynes, Jeff Oster, Premik Russell Tubbs, Sam Bevan, Kori L Carothers, Eugene Friesen, Charlie Bisharat,  Lila Sklar and many others. Lawrence shares his love of global travel through this album, with 15 moving guitar-based tracks inspired by his favorite places in the world, including the album’s only cover song, a poignant rendition of Harold Arlen’s “Over the Rainbow” performed solo on an Island Ukulele.  The slick 6-panel eco-pak presents the artists’ insights, guitar choices and tuning notes, a detail to please avid guitar fans.  A series of colorful and energetic videos are available to support the album, presenting the vivid beauty of the locales reflected in the music.


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e·mer·gence (iˈmərjəns)


1. The evolution of complex patterns from simple rules.